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Le Kids Club des Batignolles

Join us on Wednesdays, after school and holidays for a Kids Club like no other.  Your children will begin or continue their bilingual learning journey with fun, hands on and enjoyable activities that will be sure to keep them engaged, entertained and asking for more.!  

Fun and practical,

our Workshops respond to the insatiable curiosity of children.

Instructive, they captivate them and develop their thirst for learning.


Reserved for children 6 years old and under, our options are flexible to soften the life of parents. Choose your options in accordance with your agenda. 


After school, Wednesdays and during the holidays

For our students as well as the surrounding school children, the Kids Club is a second home. .

The Kid Club takes place at our preschool in the heart of Batignolles, Paris 17.

Children benefit from an endlessly renewed program of activities rich in discoveries and sensations. 

The bilingual aspect of our school is continued throughout the Kids Club and is the perfect spot for international students to come and spend an enjoyable moment together.  


We offer balanced, homemade meals with unprocessed products made with the help of the children. Meals and snacks are highlights of sharing and relaxation.  

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