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The pedagogy of our preschool

Young Students

Our school places children and their parents at the heart of its purpose. Our mission is to offer students exceptional conditions to guarantee successful first learning, all within a bilingual learning axis.

French / English bilingualism

Teaching different languages ​​from preschool is one of our priorities, both for cultural openness and for the personal enrichment of our students. With our school being located in Paris 17, to offer the opportunity to learn French and English is a logical step, enriching the international scope of the neighbourhood.


Students are exposed to French and English on a weekly basis (one week in French and one week in English). Encouraged to communicate in both languages ​​thanks to the blended program and bilingual teachers, native in their language of instruction. Students benefit from immersion in an international environment, allowing them to grow and flourish spontaneously thanks to bilingualism.


This bilingual education also allows us to welcome English-speaking students and teach them the basics of French from an early age, making our school an international preschool.

3 hours per day of outdoor class

Off-site education meets the primary need for movement of young children while bringing them closer to nature. Satisfying this natural need restores their attention and concentration abilities, automatically restoring their full cognitive abilities.

A teacher, a student

A pioneer in individual education in a collective setting, La Preschool des Batignolles provides personalized learning for each student regarding their academic subjects (reading, writing and mathematics). This tailor-made educational program frees and optimizes the potential of each student and ultimately allows effective progression of the general level of the class.

A rich and comprehensive program

Pupils follow the French National Education Curriculum which is further complemented by its UK equivalent, the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).


Meticulously combined, the two education systems allow students to enjoy the best of each

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