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Advice and concierge services for families

Listening and advice

Educational Guidance 

Our knowledge of international school systems, the schools on offer in Paris plus our knowledge of your child, an open ear to your aspirations for them and taking into account your family context are the best ingredients for a good orientation and the creation of a harmonious path. 


A concierge dedicated to family life

Accompanied ‘School – Home’ Trips

We provide the service to collect your child from home and bring them to school or else from School to Place des Ternes on request.

Room service for children

Our Early Childhood caterer provides fresh and balanced meals for your child and / or the rest of the family on simple order. 


We open our directory of trustworthy babysitters who can look after your children at home.

Ask us for the conditions and see for yourself our care and involvement in meeting your families needs. 


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